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Travel Mono Store to Donate Profits to Sustainable Tourism Organisation

Our very own Travel Mono store has pledged to donate all of its profits to a sustainable tourism nonprofit for 12 months. The Travel Mono store will donate 100% of profits to The Abiotic, Biotic and Cultural (ABC) Tourism CIC starting the 1st of March 2018 through to the 28th of February 2019.

Abiotic, biotic & cultural tourism cic
ABC Tourism CIC

ABC Tourism is a UK registered nonprofit organization involved with socio-economic development and resource protection at vulnerable destinations around the world. This is a cause close to the hearts of the travel Mono team as we our all passionate travelers who believe in our moral responsibility to make the right travel choices.

Any purchase made at during this period will go towards a great responsible travel cause. Helping to combat deforestation, habitat loss, air pollution and environmental degradation.

The Travel Mono store supplies equipment for every travel adventure. Camping, trekking, hiking, walking, swimming, outdoor clothing and much more.

travel mono store products
The Travel Mono Store Product Range

Sponsor a Tree with a Purchase

As part of the partnership deal, ABC Tourism has agreed to plant a Colombian oak in the Andean natural region of Colombia, for every pair of wood framed sunglasses sold on the Travel Mono store.

You can look stylish and stay protected on your travels, and help to fight deforestation in Colombia at the same time. The Travel Mono team already have a few sets purchased (yes, they wouldn’t even give us freebies), and we love them.

sponsor a tree
Sponsor a Tree with a Purchase!

Find Out More

ABC Tourism has operations in countries across South America and Africa. If you would like more information, please visit the ABC Tourism website. They are always looking for volunteers and partners to help with their wonderful work around the world. Get involved today, and help to make a difference.

Feel free to leave comments below, and lets us know what you think about this article.

Happy travels! TheĀ Travel Mono Team.



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