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Things to do in Bath, Somerset; Top 5 Tourist Attractions

The City of Bath in Somerset was first founded by the Romans in the 1st century AD as a thermal spa. Today, Bath is an elegant world heritage site, with neoclassical Georgian buildings constructed from the famous Bath Limestone.

You are sure to find many things to do in Bath for all the family. However, the Roman baths, theaters, museums, and a wealth of history make this city a cultural tourists dream. The shopping, restaurants, and nightlife, also have a unique local charm.

In this article, we will look at the main tourist attractions and things to see in Bath.

Historical Bath Tourist Attractions

Ancient Roman Baths
Thermae Bath Spa Project
The Jane Austen Centre
The Fashion Museum
No.1 The Royal Crescent

Ancient Roman Baths, Bath

Roman Baths, Bath

With all the interesting things to do in Bath, the most famous is undoubtedly the ancient Roman baths from which the city took its name. What better way to start our list of things to see, than this historical wonder.

The Ancient Roman Baths, are the most well-persevered example of an ancient Roman spa complex in the world. They were constructed by the Romans around 60-70 AD, at the site of a Celtic shrine to the goddess of the thermal spring: Sulis. In fact, the Romans used the name of the Celtic goddess as the founding name of the city: Aquae Sulis, which means ‘the waters of Sulis’ in Latin. The Romans themselves recognized this god by the name Sulis Minerva.

Archaeologists have found evidence of human activity at the site of the thermal springs from around 8,000 years ago.

What is there to see at the Roman Baths?

You can view the Roman Bathhouse facilities, part of the ancient sacred spring and the Roman Temple dedicated to Minerva Sulis. An onsite museum displays artifacts of Roman and Celtic origin which were found locally, along with Roman models and costume replicas. You can also purchase souvenirs in the Roman Baths gift shop.

The Baths are now below modern street level, but there is also a Georgian Pump Room at ground level, which is currently used as a restaurant.

Drinking and Bathing in the Water from the Thermal Springs

The Romans used lead to line the bathing chamber of the ancient Roman Bath complex, and lead pipes were later used to provide water from the springs. This has created a health hazard from lead toxicity in the Baths. There is also a risk from waterborne bacteria, so bathing and drinking are now prohibited at the historical facilities.

However, you can drink the spa water at the restaurant, which is provided from a clean and safe modern borehole. A free glass can be sampled on the production of a Bath Spa ticket, or purchased for 50p a glass. You can also sample the safe supply of water from the drinking fountain at the exit to the Roman Baths.

To swim in the waters heated from the thermal spring you will need to visit the Bath Spa Project. See below.

How to Get to the Roman Baths

The Roman Baths are located right in the center of Bath, and they have been central to the social and cultural hub of the city for centuries.

Bath has good coach and rail connections from most major cities in the UK.

The Roman Baths are 5 Minutes walk from Bath Spa Train Station, and Coach Station, which is located close to each other on the River Avon.

Address: Roman Baths, Stall St, Bath BA1 1LZ, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1225 477785
Watch a video on parking and travel options (link is external) in Bath

Roman Baths Tickets and Opening Times

The Roman Baths are open: 09:30 am to 05:00 pm Seven Days a Week


Thermae Bath Spa Project

Royal Bath Spa Project

The Thermae Bath Spa project is a public bathhouse and spa facility opened in 2006. The idea was to allow visitors to experience the waters heated by the cities famous geothermal springs. The same springs provided heated water to the Roman Baths which patrons had used to bathe until the late 1970’s. Health and safety issues eventually forced the closure of the public bathing access.

The new Thermae Bath Spa project has several buildings. The main spa at the New Royal Bath building is constructed from Bath stone and shrouded in a glass cube. There are two geothermally heated baths, including a spectacular roof pool with city views. A range of spa treatments is offered including massage, hot body stones, facials, watsu and other treatments related to the thermal waters.

The building also houses the wellness suite, with its ice chamber, Georgian & Roman Steam rooms, relaxation rooms, the Springs Cafe Restaurant, a shop, and a visitors center.

The Cross Bath is a separate spa located in a Georgian building just one minute walk from the main spa.

How to Get to the Thermae Bath Spa

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