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Submit your Product or Service for Review

You can submit your product for review at Travel Mono. We can also market your product or service using a sponsored post or advertisement.

Below is our submissions policy. By working with ‘Travel Mono’ you accept these Marketing terms and conditions unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Policy Contents

Submit your Product for Review
Submit a Service for Review
Events Policy
Advertising & Sponsored Posts
Giveaways Policy

Submit your Product for Review

  • Products are currently being accepted for review.
  • Received or reviewed products will not be returned.
  • We do not accept responsibility for any postage costs for products received.
  • Only a genuine, full-size product will be accepted. In the color, model and condition agreed beforehand.
  • We reserve the right to use unused/spare products in Travel Mono giveaways (Not part of the Giveaway policy).
  • Products received are not payment for sponsored posts or advertising.
  • Reviews are written impartially, with honesty and with fairness.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to review the product, if the product is not as described, defective, of the incorrect value, low quality, unsafe, or otherwise unfit for the Travel Mono website.
  • Products reviews are usually posted from 14 to 60 days, depending on our schedule and the scope of the review.
  • A review will normally be posted at least once across our social media networks, depending on quality.
  • In the event of unfavorable findings, we would contact the supplier before publishing an article for an explanation.
    • This does not entitle the supplier to any editorial control (Would require a sponsored post/advertisement).
    • We can avoid any negative reporting if a valid and acceptable reason for a fault is received.
  • We accept products with a family-friendly theme for review. Including (but not limited to) –
    • Luggage.
    • Children’s Travel Accessories.
    • Outdoor & Camping Merchandise.
    • Travel Entertainment.
    • In-Flight Accessories.
    • Similar products you may deem suitable.
  • The following lifestyle products are also considered for review.
    • Electronics.
    • Adventure Sports.
    • Food and Drink (Inform us of any perishables).
    • Books, apps, recipes, videos (sponsored post fee may apply).
    • Similar products you may deem suitable.
  • Locations in Europe and South America to send products.
  • Contact us at

Submit a Service for Review

  • Hotel Reviews: Hotel Stays should be for a minimum of two (2) nights accommodation for review purposes.
  • Car Rental Reviews: Vehicles must be loaned for a minimum of seven (7) days for reviewing purposes.
  • Flights: Flights to any destination are accepted. Please contact us to discuss flights at
  • Any other related service will be considered for review. Contact us to discuss your service.
  • Contact us at

Events Policy

  • We accept press invites to travel industry events, opening ceremonies, press trips & other related events.
  • If you would like to submit an event, with or without a press pass; advertising or sponsored post fees may apply.
  • Contact us at

Advertising & Sponsored Posts

  • We accept advertising and sponsored post proposals.
  • Contact us with your requirements, and to discuss fees.
  • Contact us at

Giveaways Policy

  • Giveaways are only paired with sponsored posts and advertising.
  • No postage costs are accepted by Travel Mono.
  • The prizes should be posted directly to the winners, by the sponsor.
  • Indicate which countries or regions you are prepared to post prizes.
  • We do not ask entrants to undertake actions contrary to Fair Trade, social media, or other regulatory guidelines.
  • Winners are chosen at random, and after the draw we will forward the winners shipping details to the sponsor.
  • Prizes should be dispatched within a reasonable time frame – No more than four (4) weeks.
  • If you are sending a review product, do not include the prize product. Dispatch directly.
  • Contact us at