Colombian New Years eve rituals

Colombian New Years Eve Rituals


Colombian New Years Eve Rituals

The natilla and buñuelosare are two Colombian foods that should never be forgotten at Christmas. They are an important tradition during the festive period. In the same way food is very important to us, there are also many different Colombian New Years eve rituals that are very special for Christmas and the new year.

But what are these eccentric traditions that we call ‘agüeros’ and why are they so famous in Colombia?

They are basically just special rituals, superstitions or beliefs that the people undertake, thinking of the attraction of a better future.
Hoping to bring good luck for the year ahead, and everybody knows they should be undertaken on the 31st of December at midnight

What are these Agüeros?

love, health, a nice job, prosperity… The wish list that everybody wants to get for the new year.

What should I do?

1. Wheat spike:

The Colombian home must have an ear of wheat or two lying around the place. This will bring the family prosperity for the whole year. 

2. Suitcase:
To travel plenty during the year, you must run around the block with your suitcase, at midnight, the case full of clothes, with your passport and a symbolic ticket, thinking which place you would like to visit.

3. Red grapes:
I would say the most famous one is red grapes. Most families in Colombia do it, or have done it at some time or another. All you have to do is get 12 red grapes and wait until midnight. Then eat them one by one making a different wish while you eat them.

4. Yellow panties:

Must sound funny, but yes wearing the yellow panties are a popular superstition when you want to have money and
happiness in the new year.

5. Lentils in the pocket:
To have prosperity in a monetary environment, and enough food on your table, a handful of lentils in your pocket supposedly does the trick.

6. Sahumerio:
Burn special herbs the last day of the year at midday, will clean your house of bad energies.

7. Potatoes under the bed:
To know how the upcoming year is going to treat you, take the potato test. You must put three potatoes under the bed, one peeled completely, another with half of the skin peeled, and the last one unpeeled. You reach underneath and take a potato without looking and depending on which you have chosen will decide your luck. The unpeeled potato means you will have a good year, the half peeled potato an average year, and the peeled potato a bad year. 

8. Champange bath:
Take a bath of champagne while wearing your clothes during the night, that is supposed to help you financially. Although, with a cleaning bill, and a few wasted bottles of Champagne, may not start off that way. Sounds like it was invented by somebody who was very drunk at the time.

Well, those are most of the Agueros I can recall at the moment. What the people will do for a little good fortune.

and do they actually work? Well only God knows

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