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Things To Do In Panama City, Panama Canal Locks & Casco Viejo

Catedral Metropolitana de Panamá

Visit Panama City There many things to do in Panama City, Panama. The capital and largest city of the Republic of Panama has an interesting mix of the old and the new. In this article we will look at two

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Top Ten Best Travel App Series

top ten best travel apps series

 Top Ten Best Travel App Series The Travel Mono Team presents the ‘Best Travel App’ series.  We will select a range of apps and utilities that compliment your in-travel experience.  Best Travel Apps Series ….  ….Will cover a range of

Top Ten Greatest Colombian Soccer Players

carlos valderrama

Originally posted at…. Top Ten Greatest Colombian Soccer Players The greatest Colombian Soccer players of all time Colombia may not have had the same success as their South American neighbours , Argentina and Brazil. But what cannot be denied,

Generosity of the Colombian People?

Colombian Generosity

  I believe the majority of Colombians are extremely generous and caring people. Friendly and outgoing, and willing to share what they have with those in need. However, not everyone has the same opinion of the Colombian people as me. Let

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Barranquilla Carnival 2017

Barranquilla Carnival 2017

Barranquilla Carnival is the second biggest street carnival in the world, drawing in 1.5 million people to the city. Only the Rio Carnival in Brazil can boast a bigger audience, and when you consider other famous global carnivals, such as

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