best hand luggage for traveling

The Best Hand Luggage for Travelling

The Travel Mono Team has compiled a list of the best hand luggage cases for travelling.

Every traveller needs a high quality carry-on case for carrying valuables, electronics, and travel necessities.

A carry-on case is your personal assistant, travel companion,  pillow and punch-bag, all rolled into one.

It needs to be strong and durable, to take the stress from all those last minutes dashes to the gate. To take the ups and downs of travelling in an overhead locker. And all the while keeping your duty free shortbread unblemished. 

We hope you will take the time to find the right carry-on bag for your needs. To help you out we can provide information on airline baggage dimensions. From our carry-on case study we found that 115cm linear dimensions will be accepted on the majority of major airlines.

Find ‘The Best Hand Luggage for Travelling’ List Below.

Travel Mono Notice:

travel mono travel siteWe have complied this list using verified and legitimate affiliate links. If you click on the links and make a purchase we may receive a commission based on your purchase. This does not affect the integrity of our reviews, and we have no wish to pressure or manipulate any sales. The small income generated from these sources will be used to keep this site operational. We hope you enjoy the content as much as we do creating it. Many thanks. TM.


The best hand baggage for travelling – in no particular order:


1. Kenneth Cole – REACTION – Out of Bounds

4 wheel Upright Suitcase by Kenneth Cole
ABS Construction
Product Dimensions: 114cm Lineal Length
Choice of 10 Colours

TRAVEL MONO SAYS: “Stylish hard case that ticks all the boxes”

Click HERE or on the image above for more details.

2. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside 20-Inch Spinner

100% Polycarbonate Construction
112cm Lineal Dimensions (44″)
Scratch Resistant Shell
Choice of 5 Colours

TRAVEL MONO SAYS: “Good value for money hardside case. Excellent quality and price”

Click HERE or on the image above for more details.

3. Samsonite Lift Spinner Expandable Wheeled Luggage

112cm Lineal Body Dimesnions (127cm including wheels and handles)
Ultra Lightweight Design
4 x Spinner Wheels
Choice of 2 Colours (Black or Blue)
Be Careful of Size Restrictions. Can exceed 115cm if Airline includes Wheels in Measurement

TRAVEL MONO SAYS: “Our editor has this case and swears by it. He has kicked it across six continents and its still going”

Click HERE or on the image above for more details.

4. Zero Halliburton Geo Aluminum 3.0 Travel Case

Anodised Aluminium Construction Extremely Durable
112cm Lineal Dimensions (44″)
Air Tight Seal and Double Locks
Excellent Craftsmanship

TRAVEL MONO SAYS: “A high end case with superb construction. Premium price tag, but you get what you pay for”

Click HERE or on the image above for more details.

5. G-RO International Expandable Carry-On Luggage

Tough Terrain Wheels
114cm Lineal Dimensions (45″)
Ballistic Nylon Material
USB Charging Station
Optional Modular Electronics

TRAVEL MONO SAYS: “Funky Design. All the bells and whistles. A gadget geeks best friend”

Click HERE or on the image above for more details.

6. Eagle Creek Load Warrior Carry-On Luggage

Reinforced for Durability and Strength
Choice of 3 Colours
115cm Lineal Dimensions (45″)

TRAVEL MONO SAYS: “An Outdoors Bag Meets Air plane Carry-on Design. We Love the Look”

Click HERE or on the image above for more details.

7. American Tourister Star Wars Hard Side Spinner

8 Characters to Choose From
100% ABS Construction
Expandable Zip Section
117cm Lineal Dimensions (46″)

TRAVEL MONO SAYS: “Star wars…need we say anymore?”

Click HERE or on the image above for more details.


8. Samsonite Spinner Underseater 

102cm Lineal Dimensions (40″)
Fits Under Most Airline Seats
Choice of 3 Colours
USB Charging Port

TRAVEL MONO SAYS: “Great underseat option. Also great as a child’s carry-on. Little Travel Monos will feel all grown up”

Click HERE or on the image above for more details.


The Best Hand Luggage for Travelling Review List was Brought to You by Travel Mono.

We Hope You enjoyed Our List.

If you have had any experience with the above bags and would like to add anything. Or you have any other additional input. Please do so in the comments section below.


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