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Travel Mono September 5, 2017

The Travel Mono Team has compiled a list of the best hand luggage cases for travelling. Every traveller needs a high quality carry-on case for carrying valuables, electronics, and travel necessitie

Travel Mono August 13, 2017

The Top Ten Best Travel Apps – Travel Tools As part of our Top Ten Best Travel App Series, the Travel Mono team have reviewed the top ten best generic travel tools. Ten apps that every seriou

Travel Mono April 29, 2017

Renting a Car in Mexico?…Looking for a Cancun Airport Rental Car? It can be pretty overwhelming renting a car in a foreign country, but it is definitely worth it. The independence, security

Travel Mono March 13, 2017

Rent a Car Bogota? Colombia is a country of great contrasts, and this is especially true of the economy and commerce. Some products and services are very cheap in Colombia, and some can be very exp