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Colombia to Recover the San José Spanish Treasure Galleon

San Jose Spanish Treasure

Colombia has announced it will salvage the ‘holy grail’ of ship wrecks. The San José treasure galleon was discovered by the Colombian navy in 2015, with an estimated $1 billion (US) in gold, silver and precious stones on board.  The San

Top Ten Greatest Colombian Soccer Players

carlos valderrama

Originally posted at…. Top Ten Greatest Colombian Soccer Players The greatest Colombian Soccer players of all time Colombia may not have had the same success as their South American neighbours , Argentina and Brazil. But what cannot be denied,

Generosity of the Colombian People?

Colombian Generosity

  I believe the majority of Colombians are extremely generous and caring people. Friendly and outgoing, and willing to share what they have with those in need. However, not everyone has the same opinion of the Colombian people as me. Let

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The Travellers Best Friend, The E-reader!

google ebook

If you dont know what an e-reader is, then you must have been living on a desert island. Go and google ebook as soon as possible to enlighten yourself. I know many of you will also be hard copy snobs.

South American Wines for 2017

South American Wines

  The team never passes up the chance to try a few good wines. For the sake of bringing you the best wine reviews possible. We have indulged ourselves on five wines we believe you all should try at