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Welcome to Travel Mono. Lets us tell you about Travelmono.com.

Our team of bloggers and  travellers, hail from across Latin America and Europe. Providing you with our own unique insight, into Latin American culture and travel. We are very passionate about Colombian tourism. We would encourage anyone to come and visit any of the Latin American countries. Our mission is to provide you with the information, enthusiasm and inspiration to visit Latin America.

Our Editor-in-chief,  George Caswell is a Colombian resident, and long time Latin American worshipper. George spent 20 years travelling the world for various international organizations, but with Colombia he fell in love at first sight.

Alfonso Quayle is our resident eccentric. Alfonso claims to have never lived in a building with a roof, and can sing over 38 national anthems. He also dresses in the finest Elizabethan fashions. 

Matu is our expert on languages, baking, procrastinating and general skullduggery. She has lived in Colombia for 32 years and knows the country inside out. 


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