Month: January 2017

Generosity of the Colombian People?

Colombian Generosity

  I believeĀ the majority of Colombians are extremely generous and caring people. Friendly and outgoing, and willing to share what they have with those in need. However, not everyone has the same opinion of the Colombian people as me. Let

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Barranquilla Carnival 2017

Barranquilla Carnival 2017

Barranquilla Carnival is the second biggest street carnival in the world, drawing in 1.5 million people to the city. Only the Rio Carnival in Brazil can boast a bigger audience, and when you consider other famous global carnivals, such as

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Top Ten Unspoilt Colombian Tourist Destinations

Unspoilt Colombian destinations

This is a List of the best Colombian cities and towns which remain unspoilt by tourism and commercialisation. Ideal for the tourists who prefer, a more authentic Colombian experience. None of these destinations are secret. Most of them are tourist

The Travellers Best Friend, The E-reader!

google ebook

If you dont know what an e-reader is, then you must have been living on a desert island. Go and google ebook as soon as possible to enlighten yourself. I know many of you will also be hard copy snobs.

Pope Francis schedule’s Colombia Visit in 2017

pope francis schedule

Pope Francis Schedule now includes a visit Colombia in 2017!!!…at last a Pope is coming! In 2016 Pope Francis promised to scheduleĀ a visit to Colombia, if and when, a peace deal was agreed. President Santos duly delivered. The FARC signed