Top Ten Greatest Colombian Soccer Players

carlos valderrama

Originally posted at…. Top Ten Greatest Colombian Soccer Players The greatest Colombian Soccer players of all time Colombia may not have had the same success as their South American neighbours , Argentina and Brazil. But what cannot be denied, is the countries fanatical love for the game. When great players do come along to … [Read more…]

Top Ten Unspoilt Colombian Tourist Destinations

colombian cities

This is a List of the best Colombian cities and towns which remain unspoilt by tourism and commercialisation. Ideal for the tourists who prefer, a more authentic Colombian experience. None of these destinations are secret. Most of them are tourist hotspots already. They just haven’t been taken over, and ruined by tourism quite yet. CLICK … [Read more…]

Palomino – Colombia’s Bohemian Paradise.

Palomino Colombia

‘Where the artists, beach bums and bohemian types gather to live the Colombian dream’. Baranquilla and Santa Marta, two Colombian cities on the Atlantic coast, well known for their beautiful beaches and Caribbean lifestyle. But the crowds and commercialisation of these tourist traps make them unattractive to many. If you are looking for solitude somewhere … [Read more…]